Double XP rates!

Posted by: Vincent
Date: 10 Dec : 02:01

Hi everyone,

The XP rates will be doubled for an undetermined amount of time.
Kill and exploration XP will be at x6, while quest XP is at x4.

I'm not sure how long the rates will stay doubled. It could be just for a few days, or weeks, or months.. Who knows?




Posted by: Vincent
Date: 02 Dec : 00:05

Hi everyone,

It's been a while since I posted, but I'd like to use this post to keep everyone up to date.

The TBC server will stay online. I have absolutely NO intentions of taking it down.
For those who are currently playing, feel free to make suggestions. I'll try my best to make your stay as pleasant as possible ^^

Due to recent database security measurements, some of the web tools are currently broken and/or offline.
These services will fixed in the coming week(s).

Some of the donation prices may also be lowered in the near future.
Also, previous restrictions for instant 70 donations have been lifted.

So, enjoy!


Level donation on OmegaPanel!

Posted by: Vincent
Date: 14 Sep : 09:22

Hi everyone,

More than 75 characters have reached level 70!
I'd like to celebrate by making level donation available on OmegaPanel:

You will need to have a level 70 character before you can use this service.
This restriction will be lifted in the future.

Thanks for your support.


Increased XP rates - Friday the 13th!

Posted by: Vincent
Date: 12 Sep : 22:19

Hi everyone,

All the XP rates are now on x4!
They will be until the end of Friday the 13th.

Go level!


OmegaPanel is online!

Posted by: Vincent
Date: 06 Sep : 18:15

Hi everyone!

TBC OmegaPanel is now online:

You can use OmegaPanel for a big variety of services, including:
-Unstuck your characters
-Donate for items/mounts
-Teleport your characters to major cities
-Donate for a profession upgrade to max level (375/375)
-Reset or change your password
-Donate to have your deleted character restored
-Donate to change the name of your character

Some donation options are not available yet, like donating for levels.
Other options are not supported by TBC, like faction/race/appearance change. I might be able to develop some alternative methods for this, but I can't be sure about it.

All donations options may be subject to change. I'm also planning on having special discounts from time to time on certain services or items =)

Donations help keep the server alive. It helps us pay the bills and cover other expenses.

Thank you for your support.


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